Home Instruction Overview

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    All youth who become six years of age on or before December 1st in any school year are required to attend upon full-time instruction. All minors are required to remain in attendance during any given school year until the last day of session in the school year in which they turn sixteen years of age except as otherwise provided in EL §3205(3).  In other words, young adults who turn sixteen on or after July 1st must continue full-time instruction through June 30th after their sixteenth birthday.

    The substantial equivalent of 180 days of instruction shall be provided each school year. In the event that less than 80% of the coursework planned for any quarter has been completed, a written explanation is required.

    • Grades K-6: 900 hours of instruction per school year (approximately 225 hours per quarter)
    • Grades 7-12: 990 hours of instruction per school year (approximately 250 hours per quarter)

    Please include the following information on every document that you submit:

    • Your child’s name, grade, and physical address
    • Name of School District in which you reside
    • Parent or guardian name(s), phone number(s) and email address(es)
    • Heading to identify type of document (Letter of Intent, IHIP, 1st Quarterly Report, etc.)

    You are responsible for keeping copies of ALL paperwork sent to this office. If your paperwork will be late, please notify us via email or with a phone call to 607-257-1555.

    Document Requirements

    • A Notice of Intent is due on July 1 or within 14 days after commencing home instruction. 
    • An Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) is due August 1 or within four weeks after commencing home instruction, whichever is later. Please visit NYSED Commissioner's Regulation 100.10 and review the required topics according to the student's grade level. 
    • Four Quarterly Reports are due throughout the school year spaced in even and logical periods.
    • An annual assessment is due at the time of filing the fourth quarterly report. Students completing their education through home instruction do not earn an accredited “diploma” but may pursue a Letter of Equivalency.

    Please visit our Documents and Resources page for templates of these required documents.

    Annual Assessments

    Assessment requirements vary by grade. New York State Education Law requires that students in grades 9-12 be tested every year and that students in grades 4-8 be tested at least every other year. It is recommended that a New York State certified teacher administer the test, although the parent may do so. You are responsible for purchasing the test and arranging for it to be given. Allow ample time for ordering and shipping. For more information, including links to test publisher websites, please visit the Documents and Resources page.

    Graduating/Letter of Equivalency

    Regular submission of complete documentation as per the Home Instruction regulation is required for all four years of high school if you wish to request a Superintendent’s Letter of Equivalency for college, dual credit at a community college, or Tuition Assistance (TAP program). On-line diplomas earned while residing in New York State are not valid. For more information, please visit our Transcripts/Graduation page.