Cross Contracts

    1. TERM: The term of this Agreement shall commence each on sign‐up date and end on the following June 30 of each year. Renewal of the service each year will be based on the normal BOCES cross‐contract and service request process.
    2. CONDITIONS: School Districts in the State of New York will purchase NaviGate Prepared through TST BOCES. NaviGate Prepared shall provide initial set‐up of each of these school districts as detailed in Paragraph 3 and TST BOCES shall provide these school districts with ongoing support and technical assistance as detailed in Paragraph 4.
    3. NAVIGATE PREPARED DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITES: NaviGate will provide the following to TST BOCES:
      1. Provide OnSite Service. For each School District Purchasing NaviGate Prepared through TST BOCES, NaviGate Prepared will:
        1. Upload floor plans (provided by the school district) for each school building and color‐code each room based on room type.
        2. Add icons to the floor plan indicating the location of all Life Safety Information including but not limited to utility shut‐offs, cameras, life safety equipment, etc. for each school building.
        3. Take and upload a 360 photograph of all rooms in each school building with the exception of rooms or closets too small for the camera equipment.
        4. Take and upload 360 photos of all hallways in each school building.
        5. Take and upload a photo of all interior and exterior doors in each school building.
        6. Review all work with the purchasing School District at the completion of the OnSite Service.
        7. Upload and create School Emergency Operations Plan for each school building based on the school’s current plan using the New York Specific Templates.
        8. Upload and create NaviGate Flipcharts for each school building based on the school’s current flip charts or using one of the templates already found in NaviGate at the school district’s discretion.
      2. Provide Software License. NaviGate Prepared will provide the following to each School District Purchasing NaviGate Prepared through TST BOCES:
        1. Provide unlimited access (storage, users, use, etc.) to NaviGate Prepared Software.
        2. Provide unlimited train‐the‐trainer training to purchasing school district designated champion(s).
        3. Designate an account representative to be the main point of contact for school district champion(s) and contacts.
        4. Create Flip Charts based on current school district flipchart and train district users how to update and publish.
        5. Set‐up the respond application to allow the school district to provide student accountability in an emergency.
        6. Create the district level Emergency Operations Plan based on the current school plan and work with the district to complete any missing/additional required pieces.
        7. Provide in‐person training to local first responders and school administrators on the use of NaviGate Prepared.
        8. Link in cameras from the school’s camera system (after district has provided us access and system allows for web‐based access) to the NaviGate maps.
        9. Build out initial virtual binders for each school building and train district staff on updating these binders.
    4. TST BOCES DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES. TST BOCES will provide the following:
      1. Ongoing support to school districts that purchased NaviGate Prepared through them. This includes but is not limited to assisting school district management of user accounts, assisting with syncing of Student Information System, answering questions, and facilitating completion of the New York School Safety Plan Template
      2. Contact NaviGate Prepared with any issues, suggestions, and help requirements that they are not able to fulfill.
    5. CONFIDENTIALITY OF DATA. NaviGate Prepared and TST BOCES will protect data found in NaviGate Prepared.
      1. NaviGate Prepared and TST BOCES agrees to maintain the confidentiality of Purchasing School District’s confidential information that is disclosed to NaviGate Prepared and TST BOCES in connection with the performance of services, and to use such Purchasing School District’s confidential information solely for purposes of performing services hereunder.
    6. FEES. School Districts in the State of New York will purchase NaviGate Prepared exclusively through TST BOCES. TST BOCES will charge the following to any Purchasing School District:
      1. First Year All‐Inclusive License and Set‐up Fees Invoiced at the satisfactory completion of the OnSite Services:
        1. Any High School or Technical School Building ‐ $6,000
        2. Any Middle/Jr High School Building ‐ $5,000
        3. Any Elementary, Primary, or Intermediate School ‐ $3,500
      2. Ongoing Annual License Renewal Fee for each school building ‐ $1,500. This is invoiced annually on July 1 year of each year. School districts purchasing the service after the fiscal year begins (July 1) will be charged this fee on a pro‐rated basis for the fiscal year that they join.
      3. TST BOCES, with agreement of NaviGate Prepared, may use discretion on these fees for smaller buildings or combined building such as, but not limited to, Middle School/High School Buildings.
      4. TST BOCES will charge an additional 5% administrative fee to the charges described in sections 6a. and 6b. above to school districts that cross‐contract with TST BOCES for this service.
    7. 7. Definitions
      1. Flip chart: Electronic application providing quick access to emergency contact information, school checklists, and other pertinent emergency information that is available on any phone or tablet device to purchasing school district’s employees or designees.
      2. Purchasing School District. The end user of the services that is purchasing the license and is the license holder. All data and access to data is owned by the purchasing school district.
      3. School Emergency Operations Plan. The school plan required of all school districts in New York.
      4. Respond application. The application available on smart phones, tablets, and PCs to alert staff of an emergency in their building, for activating an alarm in their building, for providing student accountability, and for secure messaging.
      5. Virtual binders. The consolidation and organization of any electronic files to assist schools in organizing their emergency information and accessing that information using the desktop, tablet or smart phone.

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