Work Readiness Curricula

  • These curricula were developed to be used with high school students with disabilities who attend TST BOCES and participate in one of the many work-based learning programs we offer.  By targeting the often overlooked but highly important soft skills, we intend to better prepare our students for the world of work by providing the knowledge, confidence and skills necessary to succeed in a highly competitive workforce.

    Each lesson is presented in a standard format with supporting activities, worksheets, and information included in the lesson packet.  The activities are also located in a separate folder titled “Activities” for easy referral if needed. Both curricula will be expanding as new lessons are added each year.

    Work Readiness I (Job Lab) – is a pre-employment skills class featuring topics such as communication, attitude & effort, professionalism, career awareness/development and job safety.
    Work Readiness II (Turning Point) – is a career development and preparation class for students who will soon be looking for a job.

Work Readiness Lab I - Job Lab

Work Readiness II - Turning Point