Common Core Standards

  • Common Core Aligned Lesson Plan Template

    This is a sample Common Core Learning Standards aligned lesson plan.  There is no NYSED-required template, and you may choose to use a district-developed template if you wish.  We recommend that whatever lesson plan format you use include at least the elements in this sample.


    Common Core Learning Standards for Math: Shifts and Priorities (PPT)

    Common Core Shifts

    There are twelve shifts that the Common Core requires of us if we are to be truly aligned with it in terms of curricular materials and classroom instruction. There are six shifts in Mathematics and six shifts in ELA/ Literacy.

    Required Fluencies in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

    The common core standards for Math address whether students can perform calculations and solve problems quickly and accurately. At each grade level, one or two fluencies are expected.

    Priorities in Common Core Standards for Mathematical Content

    This is a draft provided by Student Achievement Partners, LLC (SAP) that explains the priorities in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Math content.

    Gap Analysis Template

    >> Click on: Grade 6 NYS CCSS Math excerpt.doc

    Created by Learner-Centered Initiatives, Ltd, this document can be used to process the standards, and identify gaps in district curriculum

    CCSS Mathematics: Appendix A

    This resource offers models of pathways and courses, illustrating possible approaches to organizing the high school content of the CCSS.

    Places to Begin Implementing Common Core Standards for Math

    This document provides suggestions for places to begin implementing the Standards for Math. This resource recommends organizing implementation work according to progressions because the instructional approach to any given topic should be informed by its place in an overall flow of ideas.

    Criteria for Common Core-Aligned Math Resources

    The seven criteria for Resources outlined in this document should guide development of curriculum modules and accompanying materials.

    ELA & Content Literacy

    Unlocking the ELA Common Core: “Keys” to achieve alignment of curricular materials and classroom instruction

    Works Consulted:

    “A Close Reading of Richard Feynman, “The Making of a Scientist.”

    Available on Accessed: 8/18/11.


    Appendix A – “Research Supporting Key Elements of the Standards”; “Glossary of Key Terms”


    Appendix B – “Text Exemplars and Sample Performance Tasks”


    Appendix C – “Samples of Student Writing”

    “Common Core Shifts”


    Common Core Shifts: ELA (PPT – J. Gondek)

    Dorfman, Lynne and Rose Cappelli. Nonfiction Mentor Texts: Teaching informational writing

    through children’s literature, K-8. Portland, Stenhouse, 2009.


    EdSteps is a free resource for teaching and assessment led by CCSSO and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Its online library consists of student work samples presented in a continuum from emerging to accomplished work.

    “Literary Nonfiction.”

    This University of Oregon Webpage is a useful resource to assist teachers with building a definition of literary nonfiction that focuses on both the genre’s form (structure or type) and function (purpose).