Additional Course Offerings for CTE Students

  • Career and Technical Education students are able to enroll in additional courses required for graduation. Many Career and Technical Education courses offer integrated math and science credit which is embedded into the curriculum. For those students who are enrolled in a non-integrated math and science program, we offer the following courses to assist students with graduation requirements:

    Personal Money Management
    (Course is offered to AM and PM students in non-integrated programs only)

    Personal Money Management is designed to develop a thorough understanding and mastery of the arithmetic processes involved in financial literacy in order to help students plan and manage personal finances by making educated decisions about money. Students will examine current economic conditions focusing on how they can impact their personal economic situations and learn how to apply mathematical principals to financial matters. Topics include: percents, budgeting, earning income and paying taxes, simple and compound interest, credit cards, home ownership, banking transactions and other financial topics. Students who successfully meet the qualifications for Concurrent Enrollment from Tompkins Cortland CC are eligible to earn college credit for this course.
    Tompkins-Cortland Community College Concurrent Enrollment Credit
    BUAD 109 - Personal Money Management - 3 credits

    CTE Science
    (Course is offered to AM and PM students in non-integrated programs only)

    In this course, students will gain a strong background in the scientific method and laboratory techniques that will support a curious mind in making decisions and discoveries in any discipline. The class is about finding and exploring science in our lives, and focusing specifically on the science related to the courses taught at the Career and Technical Education Center. In this respect, the course is immensely integrative; students must draw on past learning and put these ideas together in novel ways to create new knowledge. The course will touch on algebra-based physics, chemistry, biology and earth sciences and it is heavily lab-based and experiential. Students will be recommended to receive one credit of physical science for successfully completing this course.

    Physical Education
    (Course is offered to AM and PM students from participating districts)

    Physical Education focuses on team and individual sports, with an emphasis on lifetime sports and the benefits of an active life style. Students are required to wear sneakers for this class. Students will be recommended to receive one-half credit of physical education for successfully completing this course.