Eligible to students entering 6th - 8th grades from districts served by TST BOCES.

    Techapalooza Offerings:

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    Sparks & Fire - Welding 101! 
    July 6-10, 12:15-2:30pm Watch cool welding demos, learn how to use the plasma cutter, and create a cool key chain!

    Cupcake Wars! 
    July 6-10  12:15-2:30pm Students will enter a competition with their unique cupcake designs after being taught various decorating techniques!

    The Health Hangout!
    July 6-10  12:15-2:30pm Interested in Medical Careers? Learn about wound care, casting, how to take vitals, and examine specimens!

    American Red Cross Babysitting Training!
    July 13-17  12:15-2:30pm Learn the business of babysitting! Learn how and when to take action! Be prepared and make confident decisions! I’m the boss - how can I be a leader? I need a checklist.

    The Art of Science!
    July 20-24  12:15-2:30pm Make pinhole cameras and develop our own pictures, use chemistry to decorate metal and glass objects, and more!

    The Fabulous Fitness Fair!
    July 20-24  12:15-2:30pm Five days, five different ways to be fit! Students will actively experience cardio, strength, and flexibility training as well as learning the benefits of yoga, meditation, and eating healthy!

    Cos - tastic! (Hair,Nail, & Makeup)
    July 27-31  12:15-2:30pm Students will learn the basics of manicures, pedicures, and facial procedures as well as practice amazing braiding & up-do hairstyles!