Request for Enrichment Services - Digital Request Form

  • Request for Enrichment Services: Please read carefully.

    Teachers and/or Principals enter school district enrichment requests through their specific Districts digital form below to request a service. This form can be found by clicking the school district, then clicking on the Request for Services Digital Submission Form. The form must be filled out completely including the artist or vendor email. Our digital system will automatically send vendors an email indicating the need for them to complete paperwork for payment. If their email address is not present, or correct, they will not be notified regarding the paperwork that must be on file in order to make payment to them. This will slow down payment to the vendor.

    This form must be completed in one sitting. Don’t forget to click submit!

    If your submission was successful:

    • Your administrator will receive an email with an appended pdf of your request.
    • They will be asked to enter their approval for your request and once they do, our office will open a purchase order and begin the payment process.
    • Please remember that you are responsible for making reservations and arrangements.
    • We are responsible for payments only.
    • Please forward all invoices you receive from artists/vendors to

    Please Note

    It is the district’s responsibility to notify the Office of Cooperative Enrichment immediately if for some reason their field trip, event, guest artist, etc. is cancelled or does not occur as scheduled. We will process paperwork for payment unless we hear otherwise from you. Thank you. 


    Looking for an Enrichment Provider? Click here:   Artist/Vendor/Community Partner

     Video Here    Video: How to search the catalog.