Communications Assistive Technology

  • TST BOCES offers a number of resources for students who require assistive technology for communication.

    One of the services available is offered in the form of trial iPads, which are each equipped with four robust and well-regarded communication apps designed to help give non-verbal students a voice. The iPads can be used to help determine which application will provide the best benefit to the student before committing to one option, or to give therapists and classroom teachers the opportunity to become familiar with communications apps being used by a student.

    The four apps currently being offered are Snap + Core First, Proloquo2go, CoughDrop and LAMP (Language Acquisition Motor Planning). Each of these programs are trusted communication options, but have different features that could prove beneficial to particular situations or individual student needs. The iPads are available to districts for six week trial periods upon request.

    Assistive Technology Communication Consultation Request Options

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