World of Work

  • Making a Difference for Each Student, One at a Time!

    Students receive instruction in a safe, well-equipped classroom and are greeted by warm, compassionate, dedicated teachers every day throughout the school year. The hours fly as students are encouraged to be proactive, involved, and busy. When students arrive on campus, they first learn skills in the classroom and then put those skills into practice in the safe experiential learning environment. Students listen attentively to their teacher and are not shy about asking questions. Whether it is cooking, rebuilding a tractor, learning how to operate equipment, or constructing projects, students are engaged in the learning process.

    Whatever the course, the heart of the curriculum is to teach students work-based behaviors and attitudes that will lead them to career success in the workplace.

    In every classroom, students are engaged and active. They feel connected, involved and part of a team. They make lasting friendships and bonds with their teachers. Students learn together while taking the utmost pride in their work. The World of Work classes serve high school students with a variety of instructional needs. Classes promote self-esteem and positive socialization, as well as cognitive and motor-skills development through a progressive curriculum. The classes integrate students into the most appropriate and least restrictive Career and Tech setting, offering instruction in both generic and job-specific skills, important for competitive employment and independent living.

How to Enroll

  • Students can enroll in World of Work classes by discussing this option with professionals at their home school.

    World of Work programs prepare students for competitive employment and/or further education, and students can progress through a variety of classes in order to maximize their potential.

    All costs, including tuition, books, and transportation, are provided by the home school.  Each student is assessed by means of a Readiness Profile that is tailored to the World of Work class.

    For a tour of the World of Work programs or to attain more information, please contact:  Career and Tech at (607) 257-1551 ext 2002.

World of Work Programs

  • Career Exploration Program

  • Food Services

  • Outdoor Recreation Services

Food Service student taking inventory in freezer and smiling