Itinerant and Related Services

  • As a cooperative educational service provider, we offer itinerant services to school districts in need of part-time instructors and/or leaders. Itinerants are professional teachers and/or administrators who provide shared services to typically two or more districts.  When a school district is unable to generate a full-time position, they may enter into a shared service agreement with another district with a similar need for part-time instruction/leadership by requesting that TST BOCES initiate a shared itinerant service. TST BOCES serves as the employer and as such coordinates the recruiting, hiring, budgeting and supervision of the staff person to be shared by the requesting districts. 

    Itinerant professionals provide services in a variety of ways; some are in different districts on alternating days of the week, and others work in the morning in one district and in the afternoon in another. The terms and conditions for each program are determined by the New York State Education Department. 

    Itinerant services cannot be provided to teach the core academic subjects (English, Math, Science, or Social Studies). Our department currently offers itinerant service CO-SERS to component school districts in the areas of art, English as a Second Language, home and careers/business, music, school counseling and Spanish/French, Coordination of Curriculum.

In Need of Part-Time Instructors?

  • Itinerant professionals provide shared services to districts in a variety of ways!

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