• TST Regional School Success facilitates the Regional Collaboration System.  The system is comprised of multiple councils and content-based networks of regional educators.

    - A system of professional "job-alike" networks that has guiding vision, purpose, goals, regular facilitation and meeting structures, along with archival records; in order to build the capacity of the participants and contribute to regional continuous improvement goals.
    - Leadership for each aspect of the system is provided jointly by TST BOCES staff and district staff.
    - Professional Learning (PL) is coordinated by the shared leadership of each council/network and includes relevant, skilled providers and is a core component of each network/council
    - Modalities for learning and collaborating are flexible and selected by the participants of each - Financial support is shared jointly across the region via the Regional School Success C, I, A CoSers 

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  • Dr. Nicole G. Eschler
    Executive Director of Regional School Success
    607-257-1551, ext. 1004