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    The administration of the Tompkins-Seneca-Tioga Board of Cooperative Educational Services recognizes the need for some students attending classes to drive personal vehicles to school and park on the Career and Tech Center campus. Available parking to students is granted to those students who have expressed a need to drive and have parental and home school approval.

    A registration form is available from student services and students should not drive until the registration form has been completed and they have obtained the appropriate permit. A valid driver’s license must be presented when obtaining the registration form. Temporary parking permits are available if needed.


    Student Parking Guidelines:

    1. Student parking is limited.
    2. Parking on campus requires a valid student or temporary parking permit.
    3. Parking should be in designated student parking areas only.
    4. Permits are not transferrable to other students.
    5. All posted traffic signs should be obeyed.
    6. Careful and responsible driving is needed on campus.
    7. Smoking on campus is prohibited by New York State Law.
    8. Students having permission to park a vehicle on the Career and Tech CenterCampus will be subject to all school rules and the laws of the State of New York.
    9. Permission can be revoked at the discretion of your home school principal and/or the administration of the Career and Tech Center.
    10. The driver and his/her legal guardian assume all obligations and responsibilities for injuries, and/or any other problems that may arise during travel time to and from the Career and Tech Center Campus.


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