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Dr. Sharokky Hollie Provides Cultural Responsiveness Training

TST BOCES is actively working towards an equitable environment for all students and staff across the organization. As a part of this effort the staff at TST BOCES has begun collaboration with Dr. Sharokky Hollie to participate in Cultural Responsiveness Training.

Dr. Hollie is the Executive Director of The Center for Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning (CCRTL), an organization that works to transform the mindset and skillset of teachers, administrators and informal educators into practitioners of culturally and linguistically responsive teaching and learning.  Dr. Hollie had previously worked with the Ithaca City School District (ICSD). Due to the success of that partnership, several local district leaders decided that his approach to cultural responsiveness would be the best fit for our schools at this time. The CCRTL utilizes an approach called “VABB” which stands for validate, affirm, build and bridge.

Approximately 1,600 participants are taking part in the trainings from TST BOCES, ICSD, Dryden Central School District, Trumansburg Central School District, Lansing Central School District, South Seneca Central School District and Newfield Central School District.

Due to precautions related to the ongoing pandemic, the training was adapted to a hybrid model of synchronous and asynchronous modules. Foundational trainings were provided asynchronously to be completed individually and live sessions with Dr. Hollie were held virtually.

"Having Dr. Hollie work with our entire school community offers us the opportunity to be so completely culturally responsive that every student we interact with is fully seen as a person of value that can achieve all of their goals through a TST BOCES education,” said TST BOCES District Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey Matteson.

TST BOCES staff will continue to discuss and implement the principles taught by Dr. Hollie. As a next step, teachers, leaders and staff will continue to use the training materials to improve social, emotional and instructional practices this year. Once COVID-19 restrictions allow for large group gatherings, Dr. Hollie will be brought to the region to continue this work with educators and staff across the TST BOCES region.

For more information about this regional initiative, please contact: Dr. Nicole G Eschler, Executive Director of Regional School Success.