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CTE November Students of the Month

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The Career and Tech Center staff and administration will recognize nominated first year and second year students each month, based on the criteria listed below.  The Outstanding Students of the Month are chosen based on qualities such as: character, leadership, citizenship, work ethic, and attendance. The students should be compassionate, honest, trustworthy, responsible and a positive role model.

Now more than ever, we believe it is important to recognize student success.  These students have been resilient in the face of uncertainty, and we applaud their efforts to remain focused and determined during this unusual school year.

The Career and Tech Students of the Month will receive a certificate, plus a Career and Tech Center backpack, plus have their photographs posted on social media through Facebook at TST BOCES Career and Tech Center and on Instagram @tst_careeertech. Please follow us!

Listed below are examples of the criteria for the students who will receive this recognition:

  • Exemplary behavior resulting in a flawless behavior record for the month
  • Present and on time and prepared for class every day of the month
  • Respectful, kind, generous, and cooperative with peers and adults
  • Eager and motivated to learn
  • Exhibits exceptional contribution to class or academic improvement in class
  • Demonstrates a positive and helpful attitude towards fellow students
  • All assigned work is complete for the month

The Career and Tech Center Outstanding Students of the Month are:


Julia Munoz, Animal Science, Trumansburg
Ryan Coyne, Auto Technology, Dryden
Demitri Brooks, Jr., CEP, Groton
Brad Simmons, Computer Tech/Cybersecurity, Ithaca
Tina Abelson, Cosmetology, RAS/Ithaca
Samantha Myers, Culinary Arts, Lansing
Tim DeMann, Digital Media, Lansing
Onyah Wade, Early Childhood, Dryden
Lauren Evanek, Sports Conditioning and Exercise Science, Lansing
Corbin Owens, Food Services, Springboard/Ithaca
Austin Mowry, Heavy Equipment, Trumansburg
Jacob Babcock, Welding, Lansing

Lucy Farmer, Animal Science, Ithaca
Anthony Moore, Auto Technology, Groton
Phebe Jackson, CEP, Candor
Oliver Schultz, Computer Tech/Cybersecurity, Lansing
Melody Buckley, Cosmetology, Newfield
Sean Roe, Criminal Justice, Newfield
Mattea Lajza, Culinary Arts, Lansing
Trisha Banner, Digital Media, Trumansburg
Allyson Turo, Early Childhood, Dryden
Jenna Plue, Sports Conditioning and Exercise Science, Ithaca
Peighton Miller, Food Services, Trumansburg
Max Olmstead, Heavy Equipment, Newfield
Shawn Mayo, Welding, Trumansburg


student with backpack and certificate student of the month with certificate student showing certificate student of the month displaying certificate and backpack