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New Vision Students Engineer Pinhole Cameras

Students in the New Visions Engineering program at TST BOCES tested both their engineering and teamwork skills, creating pinhole cameras through the lens of universal design. That is, they had to be usable by a wide range of people.

The class worked in groups to create cameras that had wide handles, automated shutters, large buttons and knobs and other user-friendly features.  New Visions engineering teacher David M. Syracuse said the project was, “a great opportunity to collaborate, be creative and use concepts learned in class to create features that made the cameras accessible to everyone.”

Based on the first type of camera ever invented called a camera obscura, which is Latin for “dark chamber,” a pinhole camera is comprised of a dark space with a tiny hole that allows only a narrow beam of light to enter. This beam produces an upside-down image of outside objects on the surface opposite the pinhole. Students took this concept to the next level by creating functioning pinhole cameras, using these principals.

After completing their masterpieces, each group was then tasked with using their camera to create photos from a variety of different perspectives that were put into an online gallery. The gallery can be viewed here:

This is just one of many projects that students in the New Vision program complete, in order to apply what they learn in the classroom to career-focused objectives.