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CTE Programs Collaborate on Food Truck

CTE concessions trailer Students from across many TST BOCES Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs have begun a collaborative project to establish a CTE food truck.

This project provides an opportunity for multiple CTE classes to work together during a time when in-person collaboration has been more difficult due to safety precautions. When completed, the food truck will be ran and operated by students, proceeds from sales will go to supporting CTE students’ involvement in SkillsUSA.

Culinary Arts and World of Work Food Service instructors Vicki Fitzgerald and Sara Speciale are working with their students to establish a business plan, establish menus and work to prepare the food. The concessional trailer food truck is currently being cleaned and fixed by instructor Matt Lott and the Auto Body students, who will also give the trailer a new look and paintjob. Digital media students will work to design a logo, establish branding and develop marketing plans.

Working together on the food truck provides a shared goal on a project for students to get personally invested in. It will serve as a work-based learning opportunity that includes math and science curriculum integrated into the project.

It is planned that upon completion the food truck will be able to operate at TST BOCES events or travel to other locations to help promote CTE programs. The majority of preparation will be handled by Culinary Arts and Food Services students, but the menu will be established in a way that students from any program will be able to operate the equipment, take orders and serve food.

The concessional trailer was purchased by CTE and had been in use at Frozen Ocean Motorsports Facility and was purchased from Ryan Walczak, who previously worked as the Heavy Equipment instructor at TST BOCES before taking over as the owner-operator at Frozen Ocean.

If everything goes according to schedule, the CTE food truck will be operational during the 2021-2022 schoolyear, with plans for a soft open in Fall 2021.