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Youth Employment Services Meets With Students Virtually

Representatives from Youth Employment Services (YES) met with TST BOCES students virtually over Google Meets to discuss summer jobs.

YES is a program of the Ithaca Youth Bureau that works to empower teens in the area to find and succeed in part-time jobs over the summer. Students from the TST BOCES Regional Alternative School and the Career Skills and Supervised Work Experience Smith School programs were able to hear from YES program leaders about the services they provide and who is eligible to apply.

Through YES, students interview and select jobs they are most interested in. They are then assigned appropriate jobs based on their abilities, preferences and which positions are the best match for an individual. Throughout their job placements, the teens remain in contact with a YES representative who help support them and learn how to be the best employee possible.

Although some job placements may be different this summer, especially due to new safety guidelines, past placements have included Collegetown Bagels, Cass Park, Primitive Pursuits, Southside Community Center, and the Ithaca Children’s Garden.