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Deadliest Catch’s Nick “Sunshine” Tokman Speaks to Students

Nick Tokman, best known as “Sunshine” on the Discovery Channel series “Deadliest Catch,” visited TST BOCES to speak to Career and Technical Education (CTE) students.

During his presentation, Tokman told the story of how he went from having no direction to setting goals, overcoming adversity and achieving his dream. At a time in his life when he was feeling unfulfilled, he saw “Deadliest Catch” and he knew he wanted to pursue a career in crab fishing. He ventured to Alaska and despite a series of setbacks and failures, Tokman achieved his goal eventually ending up on the TV show that inspired him from the beginning.

Tokman encouraged students to listen to their inner voices to achieve their personal definition of success. His entertaining style and unique presentation provided an engaging experience for the students. His message has particular relevance to CTE students by encouraging them to seek their own path and pursue the goals they set for themselves.