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National Board Certification Recognition Ceremony

 five educators being recognized for achieving national board certification  Five educators from the TST BOCES region were celebrated for their accomplishment of achieving National Board Certification recently.

Achieving National Board Certification is a prestigious accomplishment that requires educators to meet and maintain high standards of excellence defined by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS). Increasing the number of National Board Certified educators throughout the region is a priority for TST BOCES. The NBPTS recently named TST BOCES a National Board Accomplished District to acknowledge its efforts to support educators, one of 11 districts in the nation to receive this distinction.

This year, National Board Certification was achieved by Belinda Adams and Renee Christopher from TST BOCES, Patti Buhr and Jennifer Lory-Moran from Ithaca City School District and Ann-Marie Thayer from Newfield Central School District.

“The best experiences came from seeing my classroom and my students from an outside eye,” Belinda Adams said of the process to achieve certification. “What a wonderful stepping stone to the high standard of reflective practice that National Board demands. I’m better for it. My students are better for it.”

TST BOCES offers a National Board Candidate Support COSER to educators undertaking the process of becoming certified. Currently, 0.99% of teachers in New York State have achieved this accomplishment, up from just 0.84% in 2016. The National Board Candidate Support COSER is available in the TST BOCES region as well as to educators from other BOCES regions. There are 11 educators in the current cohort of educators seeking certification, including teachers from Corning-Painted Post Area School District and Elmira City School District.

More than 10 years of data show that students are benefited by having a National Board Certified educator in the classroom. Research suggests that the increase in learning is equivalent to one to two months additional instruction and that the impact is even greater for high-need students.

Support provided by TST BOCES’ COSER can include personal consultation, workshops and writing retreats. A Saturday writing retreat provides a dedicated space full of like-minded colleagues and trained facilitators that can brainstorm, edit, advise and support each other. It is a self-selected professional learning community with the shared mission of targeting each teacher's own classroom and practice. School district participation in the COSER provides financial support for organization and facilitation of this community of accomplished teachers.

For more information about how to achieve National Board Certification visit or reach out to Laura Havill, the Regional Coordinator for the National Board Council of New York State in the Southern Tier, at

For more information about the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards visit