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CTE Classes Visit Equine Rehab Center

students observing a horse using the underwater treadmill Students from the Career & Technical Education (CTE) Animal Science and Exercise Science programs recently traveled to visit the SUNY Morrisville Equine Rehabilitation Center.

The care provided by this facility focuses on rehabilitation and conditioning is one of the only publicly accessible equine rehabilitation facilities in the Northeast United States. Many of the horses treated there are considered athletes and participate in sporting events and use the facility for conditioning to stay in performance shape during the winter months. This collaborative field trip was a unique learning opportunity that provided insight and experiences applicable to subject matter and practice for both the Animal Science and Exercise Science programs.

Students observed the variety of treatment modalities in use, including the equine swimming pool, underwater treadmill, acupuncture and a solarium. Exercise Science students were able to learn about the treatments used for horses and how they compare or contrast with human athletes or patients. They learned what techniques are used to keep horses in condition and elevate their performance while studying the injury cycle as they would in their own program. Animal Science students were also able to see what therapies were used to solve different problems and how the treatments available at this facility differ from more clinical settings.

“It was interesting to see that there are so many different therapies for horses and ways they deal with different injuries,” said Morgan Crane (South Seneca), a senior in the Animal Science program. “They had horses in swimming pools, you don’t see that every day!”

The trip exposed students to a career field they may not have been aware of as a possibility and was an excellent opportunity for Animal Science students to experience some of the options available in their area of study.