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TST BOCES Career and Tech Center Receives SkillsUSA Grant From Lowe’s

Skills u-s-a students Lowe’s and SkillsUSA have awarded $1,000 worth of SkillsUSA educational materials to the SkillsUSA chapter at the TST BOCES Career and Tech Education Center (CTE).

Grants are designed to provide teachers with more resources to support student-led learning through the SkillsUSA framework. Each grant school will receive 25 unique education products designed to guide teachers on SkillsUSA integration, ranging from activity guides to meeting resources, classroom posters and more. The materials are centered around student-led development of personal skills, workplace skills and technical skills grounded in academics, so every member has an opportunity for career success.

“It is thrilling to see new SkillsUSA programs receive these chapter resources,” said SkillsUSA executive director Chelle Travis. “These grants from Lowe’s remove financial barriers to excellence and ensure that new chapters start off on the right foot, armed with quality classroom resources for the betterment of our teachers and students.”

SkillsUSA has partnered with Lowe’s for more than 14 years on a variety of education programs within career and technical education.

“The TST BOCES Career and Tech Center SkillsUSA Chapter was re-established in the Fall of 2019 after a decade-long hiatus,” said co-advisor Christine Boles. “Our school recognized the important leadership skills, values and confidence that are instilled in young people who are involved in SkillsUSA, and we knew that our Career and Tech students could truly benefit from participating in this organization.”

“The initial chapter members at the TST BOCES Career and Tech Center competed in the Area 2 Regional SkillsUSA Competition at SUNY Morrisville in February 2020, and many of our students earned recognition for their achievements,” said CTE counselor Nancy Fish. “The TST BOCES Career and Tech Center is hopeful that the Lowe’s Resource Grant will help us to continue to broaden our involvement in SkillsUSA for years to come.”

For a complete list of SkillsUSA chapters receiving the grant and a list of the educational resources each school will receive, go to: