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TST BOCES Point of Distribution Program

The TST BOCES Work Environment Health and Safety Department has developed a Point of Distribution (POD) program to streamline delivery of medications and vaccinations when the need arises.

The TST BOCES POD program was created many years ago in collaboration with Nina Saeli who was the Tompkins County Public Health Preparedness Coordinator at the time. It was created to ensure that TST BOCES would be able to provide needed medication to all employees and lessen the burden on open POD locations in the community. The TST BOCES POD plans include all aspects of distribution including distribution of necessary paperwork, vehicular traffic, parking, entry, providing information and dispensing medications.

Now as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the TST BOCES POD program will help ensure efficient and effective delivery of vaccinations when they become available. The POD has been practiced, testing its effectiveness and make improvements to the plan. The infrastructure is being prepared so the POD will be operational whenever it is needed.

TST BOCES has developed a closed POD, which means that it is limited to serving individuals and families within the organization.

Most of the expenses involved in creating and operating the POD are covered with the help of the Tompkins County Department of Health, any additional costs are anticipated to be reimbursed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

TST BOCES is now assisting several component districts including Dryden, Groton and South Seneca as they develop their own POD programs.