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RAS Thanksgiving 2020

 regional alternative school student wearing mask posing and smiling while getting Thanksgiving food Every year before Thanksgiving break, students and staff in the TST BOCES Regional Alternative School (RAS) come together to prepare and enjoy a Thanksgiving meal together for lunch.

This year, the RAS Thanksgiving tradition has been modified to accommodate proper social distancing for the safety of the students and staff. RAS staff have volunteered to prepare the food safely at home, with the final preparations made in the RAS cafeteria to be fresh and ready to enjoy.

During the lunch period, home bases came to the RAS cafeteria one and a time to get their food to take back to their classrooms to make sure everyone could eat in as safe an environment as possible. The meal included many Thanksgiving staples such as turkey, pumpkin pie and candied yams.staff with mask putting whip cream on a student's pie

The RAS thanksgiving meal has for years provided an opportunity for the community of students and faculty to pause and reflect on what they are grateful for and also a chance to gather and create a sense of belonging for all present. This tradition was able to evolve in a way that it could still take place in a way that kept all involved as safe as possible.