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New Adult Education Administrator Starts

Joe Palladino













 Joe Palladino has recently started as the new Administrator of Adult Education at TST BOCES.

Palladino has taken over following the retirement of the previous administrator, Jonathan Nicoletti. Palladino has a background in education, having worked as a school counselor, athletic director and assistant principal.

After originally studying economics at Ithaca College, and spending time working in that field, he realized he wanted a career that provided the opportunity to work more directly with people. After talking to school counselors, Palladino decided to pursue a career in that direction. He attended Alfred University for graduate school and then began working as a school counselor.

Palladino has consistently maintained a focus on career development anywhere he has worked. After changing fields, he was motivated to help others find their most fulfilling professional path.

“I’m excited about working in an environment where career development is a primary part of the job,” Palladino said. “I am looking forward to serving the community and helping people find stable, rewarding jobs which lead to fulfilling careers.”

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