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Smith School Greenhouse

student wearing mask working in greenhouse As spring arrives, students in Supervised Work Experience are planting in the Smith School greenhouse to prepare for the annual greenhouse sale.

After not being able to have students in the greenhouse last spring when classes were switched to remote learning, the Supervised Work Experience class has been able to work in the greenhouse again to begin planting. In order to accommodate social distancing, fewer students are allowed in the greenhouse at a time, but otherwise they have been able to do all the work needed to grow everything for the greenhouse sale.

Supervised Work Experience instructor Tina Sevola has been overseeing the class and helping students tend to the plants.

“The greenhouse is always something everyone looks forward to, it means spring is close and it gives everyone a much-needed boost,” Tina said. “After last year's shut down, we are thrilled to fill it up and sell to the public”

So far, a variety of flowers and herbs have been planted. Vegetables will be planted later in the season. After limiting the greenhouse sale in 2020, this spring it is expected that a full inventory will be available as it has been in previous years.

The greenhouse utilizes an integrated pest management system, in which a helpful parasite called aphidius colemani is cultivated to protect the plants from aphids. This helps plants grow without needing to use pesticide to fight the aphid population.

The greenhouse sale will begin the first weekend of May and will be held until everything has been sold. The sale will be open to the public and will follow all CDC guidelines for social distancing. The number of customers allowed in the greenhouse will be limited and everyone will be required to wear masks. Proceeds cover the cost of running the greenhouse, including installation of a new automatic watering system, and help fund end of year activities for students.

a row of plants in the greenhouse