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Teknologia Project Seeking Contributors

The Teknologia Project at TST BOCES Regional School Success is calling for educators throughout the region interested in helping contribute to the program’s further development.

Supported by a learning technology grant starting in 2018, the Teknologia Project has worked to advance computer science instruction for all P-12 students in the TST BOCES region. The grant award years are concluding this school year, but the project will continue.

Currently, the Teknologia Project is seeking teachers to be paid to evaluate curriculum, create project extensions, or support computer science standards alignment. This collaborative contribution will help further advance the regional capacity for computer science education and strengthen the Teknologia Project as the effort continues to move forward.

Those interested in participating should reach out to Matt O’Donnell, Coordinator of Instructional Technology at TST BOCES, by sending an email to Visit for more information.

two educators experimenting with robotic teaching tool