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Smith School Mobile Specials

Music teacher with Mobile class supplies In order to accommodate a safe learning environment amid the ongoing pandemic, special classes in Smith School have switched to a mobile format.

The specials, which include music, art, physical education and library, load their materials for each class onto a cart and then visit students in their classrooms. This new format reduces potential exposure as classes don’t need to share the same rooms when they have specials.

Instructors who teach these subjects have adapted their curriculum to be more suitable for hands-on activities that can be packed up and transported to each class. This has also included increased integration of digital platforms such as Google Classroom and Go Formative that can be accessed virtually from any room. Carts can be loaded up individually for each class with the materials needed for the day’s lesson.

During and after each class, CDC guidelines are followed for materials and no items are shared between classes without being given proper time to decontaminate after use.

“It's been a pleasure and honor to work with such a resilient student and staff body this year,” said Smith School music teacher Dan Collins. “I feel like, without a doubt, we've defined what it means to be Smith School strong.”

Throughout the challenges, this new model has provided an opportunity for an increased emphasis on assessing data and measuring growth. Techniques and methods that have been learned while adapting to social distancing guidelines have the potential to be beneficial in future school years, even as safety protocols return to normal.