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BOCES Leaders From Across State Look Towards TST Region For Diversity Training

ITHACA, NY - BOCES leadership team members from across New York state attended a cultural respsonsiveness training led by Ithaca Central School District Superintendent, Dr. Luvelle Brown Tuesday morning.

As part of a state-wide effort to increase access to diversity, equity, and inclusion education, the Tompkins, Seneca, Tioga (TST) region has been recognized by the BOCES community as a frontrunner. 

Nicole Eschler, TST BOCES Executive Director of Regional School Success and co-chair of the Teacher Leader Effectiveness group which hosted the training through the Staff/Curriculum Development Network of New York State (SCDN), said she is proud to have an ICSD Superintendent lead this training for all BOCES leadership to learn from. 

"We are a small, tiny BOCES in central New York but because of the values we share here in this region, we are leading the conversation,”  said Eschler. 

Dr. Brown's seminar, called The Culture of Love, focuses on the importance of fosting more equitable school communities by developing practical skills for BOCES leadership to appy in their regions.

The four-part professional learning session will continue to increase knowledge and implement strategies that BOCES leaders can use to address equity, disportionality and reduce bias in their organizations. 

"We've started the conversation and now it's time to put in the work," said Eschler.