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South Seneca Innovates Through Social-Emotional Learning Techniques, Regional School Success

South Seneca Elementary School recently saw success implementing social-emotional learning techniques after a professional development session with TST BOCES Instructional Specialist for Inclusive Education Teresa Heatherman.


During the session, Heatherman pointed out that breaks away from school can be tough seasons for students. For some, it could mean 12,960 minutes without heat or running water. For others, it could mean 216 hours without a kind word. And for some, it could mean nine days without regular meals or clean clothes.


South Seneca educators were moved by the presentation to act on SEL techniques to meet student needs. One teacher did a pre-vacation zone check with her students, looping in the school counselors. Another sent home holiday packets with calendars to help students  countdown the days and still others sent home personalized worksheets with self-management strategies and calming techniques.


“I am thankful to TST BOCES and Teresa Heatherman for offering this professional development,” said South Seneca MTSS Coordinator Laura Rundell. “The presentation was so impactful, helping us to think about what time away from school and the holidays mean for some of our kids and how we can support them before and after break.”


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