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South Hill Students Commit to Digital Citizenship , Supported by RSS

Ithaca City School District’s South Hill Elementary students recently completed a project relating to digital citizenship in partnership with TST BOCES’ Instructional Technology services.


Kelly Reitz, TST BOCES Instructional Specialist for Technology and Digital Fluency, worked with each of the first-grade teachers to co-teach three Common Sense Education lessons on digital citizenship, an important part of the NYS Computer Science and Digital Fluency standards.


“Learning about digital citizenship helps prepare students to take control of their digital lives,” said Reitz, who also mentioned the project’s support of emotional needs of students as well.


Through songs, scenarios and interactive games, the classes explored the following questions: how can we be safe, responsible and respectful online? Why is it important to listen to your feelings when using technology? How do you stay safe when visiting a website or app?


Students also learned about the six digital citizen characters, who taught students how to: use your arms online to balance your time; user your legs to stand up to bullies online; use your feet carefully when leaving tracks online; listen to your gut to stay safe online; use your head to ask questions about what you see online; and use your heart to be kind and respectful online.


The culmination of the digital citizenship unit was the creation of a music video accompanied by the song ‘Pause and Think Online.’ Each class created their own dance moves to remember each of the digital citizens and recorded their choreography.


The first-grade team at South Hill (Patti Buhr, Laurie Pattington and Chris Ruyack) each said that their students had great fun leveraging technology (Flipgrid, Peardeck and Seesaw) and music to create a music video that teaches students to be safe and respectful online.


Classes hosted a music video screening party with popcorn to celebrate their learning, and each student received a digital citizenship certificate.


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