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TST BOCES Students Bring Home First State Championship for Newfield Basketball

This month, the Newfield boys basketball team dominated the league and came out strong, winning a State Championship for the first time in their school’s history. This excitement could be heard across TST BOCES campus as four players, including the team’s captain Derek Pawlewicz, walked the halls being congratulated by students and staff.

 Players Garret Porter (Auto Body), Jeff Smith (Auto Body), Cosey Zavaski-Starks (Criminal Justice), and Derek Pawlewicz (New Visions Health and Medical Sciences) caught up for an interview to let us in on this whole experience. “It was a feeling I cannot even describe, “said Pawlewicz, “We had a lot of support behind us from all of our fans and especially being a senior, it felt even more significant for me. There was no better way to end than winning a State Championship!” His teammates echoed that sentiment. When it comes to who the four would like to thank, one person came to mind immediately, “We would all like to thank our coach (Mike Nembhard) for supporting us through all of this! We could not have done it without him! We had ups and downs, but he kept us motivated!”

 Besides the team facing challenges on the court, they also faced them off. The team needed to figure out a way to raise funds for the championship at Glens Falls. Rick Pawlewicz, Newfield’s High School Counselor and Derek's father, helped the boys create a GoFundMe page to raise money for expenses. In a matter of days, the Newfield community came together to make this dream a reality. “We would also like to thank our entire Newfield community, our families, friends and school. Not only for coming to our games to cheer us on, but also raising enough money for us to go to the championship in the first place,” said Zavaski-Starks. Newfield has come a long way this season and having a community behind this team's back has made all the difference. Congratulations to our TST BOCES students and the entire boys basketball team!

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