TEACH Online Services

Click here to search for a certificate holder. This will allow one to see what certification a particular person holds. It is useful for those who must prove certification since certificates that are “time sensitive” are no longer printed and sent to the administrator/teacher/teaching assistant/coach. Additional information for certificate holders and school districts can be found here.

Applying for Certification

TEACH Online is the tool to use for applying for your certification electronically. If you do not have a username and password established for your TEACH account, you will need to self register. From the TEACH page, select self-register, then click on the box, “Go to self-registration tutorial”. It is very important that you do not create a second TEACH file/account. Use the “I forgot my username” and “I forgot my password” first to establish that you do not already have them “on file” in TEACH.

It is important to establish what pathway one is going to use for certificate application before you begin the process. This is especially important when applying for the Professional level certificate, but can be an issue with applying for an Initial level as well. Please refer to Determining a pathway for certification. A “how to” apply document is also available to help alleviate much confusion in the application process.

Permanent or Professional Certificate holders, and Teaching Assistant Level 3 certificate holders

There are new registration requirements for the above certificate holders beginning in the 2016-17 school year.

Having a problem with TEACH?

Did you forget your username, password or both of them? When logging in do you get a message “someone else already has that name, SS#, etc…?” Use this link for assistance. Be aware that some problems must be reported using the Report Problems using TEACH Form! Additional Help documents can be found below including Entering Education in TEACH and Applying for a Time Extension. Please check these first before asking “how do I…?”

Applying for Fingerprint Clearance

TEACH is also the mechanism to use to apply and pay for your fingerprint clearance.

Check the Status of your Certification

You can check the status of your certification in TEACH. Information of what you will see when you do check the status is deciphered here.

A reminder that some information must be evaluated and recorded manually by the reviewer or evaluator for your application. The manual review will be done once the appropriate official documentation is received and your application appears in the work queue. Please be patient. Individual work queues can be quite lengthy depending on the time of year.

Interpreting what you see in your TEACH file

A lot of your questions or concerns can be answered by knowing what you can see in your TEACH file, and what it all means! This will explain all that can be found in your TEACH file, and where. Please check this first before contacting the BOCES RCO with your question(s).