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What is P-Tech?

P-TECH is a partnership among K-12, community, college, and industry, each making long-term commitments and contributing their best expertise to provide students with rigorous and hands-on academic, technical, and workplace experiences. In P-TECH, students earn a public high school diploma, and an industry-recognized no-cost associates degree. The unique culture of a P-TECH school is built upon high expectations for students and a belief that all students can earn a college degree. The P-TECH model integrates high school and college coursework, enabling students to begin working on their associates degree as soon as they are ready.


  • P-TECH is a six-year program at TST BOCES centered on science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) and social justice education that prepares students for careers in: Applied Science & Technology, Computer Information Systems, or Computer Support Specialist.

  • Students enter P-TECH in Grade 9, and complete college coursework at Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3) throughout their career at P-TECH.

  • Upon completion, students will graduate with a Regents Diploma and an Associate’s Degree from Tompkins Cortland Community College at no cost to the students’ families.


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Students in the Applied Science & Technology Pathway will learn the foundational STEM and problem-solving skills that make them an in-demand, immediately employable technician with knowledge in science, technology, and math. This pathway features coursework in engineering, surveying, micro-nano fabrication, and advanced manufacturing.

Career Possibilities:

  • Advanced Manufacturing Technician

  • Micro-Nano Fabrication

  • Civil Engineering Technologist

  • Electrical Engineering Technologist

  • Aerospace Engineering & Operations Technologist

  • Biofuels Processing Technicians

  • Environmental Engineering Technologists

  • Calibration Technologists

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Students in the Computer Information Systems Pathway will learn how to develop computer systems to perform needed functions across job fields. This pathway features coursework in several programming languages, systems analysis, network design, database design, and software applications.

Career Possibilities:

  • Network and Computer Systems Administrator

  • Web and Digital Interface Designer

  • Information Technology Project Manager

  • Database Administrator

  • Computer User Support Specialist

  • Computer and Information Systems Manager

  • Web Developer

  • Computer Network Architect

  • Computer Network Support Specialist

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Students in the Computer Support Specialist Pathway will learn how to develop computer skills and knowledge needed to install, maintain and repair computers. Upon graduation, students will be able to install, test, upgrade, and maintain computer hardware and software as well as troubleshoot hardware and software problems.

Career Possibilities:

  • Digital Forensics Analyst

  • Information Security Analyst

  • Network and Computer

  • Systems Administrator

  • Data Entry Keyer

  • Web Administrator

  • Desktop Publisher

  • Information Technology Project Manager


At P-TECH, we collaborate with families, business, and community to create fully accessible, meaningful & relevant curriculum that is culturally responsive and sustaining.  We engage in ongoing curriculum development and teacher learning, in order to ensure a fully inclusive and culturally sustaining learning environment for every student.  We collaborate with business and community partners to design genuine work-based challenges that help students learn the workplace, professional, and life skills needed for success in their industries and their lives. Student learning at P-TECH Academy is project-based and includes ongoing learning experiences.



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The application process, including opportunities for students and families to visit, has just begun, and will continue until all available slots are filled.

If you would like to schedule a visit, or to get more detailed information, please contact our School Principal, Keith Williams, at (607)844-6514 or kwilliams@tstboces.org