BANNER COnstruction trades

LOGO construction trades

Course Overview

This course encompasses all of the skills that are necessary in residential and commercial construction.  Students will learn the fundamental practical skills needed in the construction field, such as: proper use of hand and power tools, safety procedures, blueprint reading,  and obtaining accurate measurements.  Practical knowledge will be applied by working with drywall installation, rough and finish carpentry, framing, painting, roofing, floor installation, door and window installation, siding, electrical wiring, restoration work, plumbing, stonework and masonry.  

Course Content

  • Safely using hand and power tools and equipment

  •  Constructing framing walls and foundations

  • Reading and interpreting blueprints

  • Developing materials list and cost estimates

  • Learning basic electrical, plumbing, carpentry, roofing and masonry skills

  • Installing flooring, kitchen essentials, windows and doors

Construction trades students

construction trades student working

Career Opportunities

  • Building Trades

  • Electrical Construction and Maintenance;

  • Surveying Engineering Technology 

  • Residential Construction

  • Construction Management

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