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Benefits of hosting an intern from a CTE Program:

  • Internships provide employers with talented and engaged high school youth that bring fresh energy and curiosity to the workplace.

  • Employers have a chance to inspire and shape the next generation of professionals, planting the seeds for future qualified employees for your industry or field.

  • Organizations and businesses can benefit from the students’ skills, creativity, and fresh perspectives. Hosting interns can also be a cost-effective way to recruit, train, and evaluate prospective employees

What is involved in hosting an intern?

  • Provide a Safe and Structured Environment:

    • Mentors need to be able to provide a safe and structured environment in which an intern can complete meaningful tasks. Before the internship begins, you will learn about the intern’s skills and abilities, allowing you to help the student design the projects and activities he / she can accomplish during the internship.

  • Supervision

    • Like new employees, interns require supervision, training and guidance. It is best to have one person as the designated supervisor / mentor for the intern. This person should be experienced in the specific tasks that the intern will be engaged in and should be available to the intern to answer questions and provide feedback. Guidance and mentoring are key to a successful internship.

  • Meaningful Tasks

    • The most successful internships include experiences where the student can put their skills to work to complete meaningful tasks on the job. Examples vary depending on the program but could include: 

      • Computer Tech: Installing a network, 

      • Digital Media: Researching and creating a brochure, 

      • Culinary Arts: Prepping in the kitchen, 

      • Building Trades: Building a shed or a deck, 

      • Heavy Equipment:  Engine rebuilding, 

  • Feedback:

    • Make time to communicate regularly with your intern to be sure their questions are answered and they are able to stay on track with their projects and activities. Since they are still students, it is important to recognize their strengths and weaknesses and provide constructive feedback to help them grow over the course of the internship.

Culinary Student at Internship

Heavy Equipment Student at Internship

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