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Course Overview

Our Food Services program is designed to introduce students to the multifaceted World of Work. The curriculum develops a foundation of skills necessary to become an entry-level food service employee. A balance of theory and kitchen skills gives participants a real-world experience. Students work in a large-scale production of various foods, learning how to use culinary tools and equipment while being held to a higher standard and assessment of their finished product. All students are encouraged to develop and exercise their creativity in the selection and presentation of their recipe execution. Additional learning in retail sales reinforces students’ interpersonal and job skills, and students also explore related food service occupations. This class involves all participants to use their literacy, math and science skills as it relates to the culinary field.

Program Objectives

  • Provide students with entry-level skills for food service jobs

  • Provide students with independent living skills related to food selection, preparation and storage

  • Increase Student’s Repertoire of Specific Job Skills

  • Improve Generic Job Skills

  • Expose Students to Positive Worker Role Models

  • Expand Knowledge of Career Options in Food Service Industry

Food Service student serving coffee

Food Service student making food


  • Learn about various food service job positions, hot and cold food production, culinary vocabulary, food safety and sanitation, tools and equipment, bakery products as well as breakfast foods and buffet catering

  • Provide opportunities to participate in project-based learning with other World of Work classes.

Future Options

  • Other World of Work Classes

  • Career & Tech Classes

  • Entry-level Work

Topics of Study

  • Nutrition

  • Baking Products

  • Shopping for Food

  • Human Relations/Communications/Professionalism (employability skills)

  • Related Academics (literacy, math, science)

  • Hot and Cold Food Preparation

  • Proper Use of Tools and Equipment

  • Buffet Preparation/Service/Catering

  • Fruits/Vegetables/Grains/Starches/Legumes

Food Service student making food

Food Service student making food

Program Considerations

  • Be safe around sharp objects

  • Have good hygiene; imperative due to food preparation

  • Be in a class with up to 15 students with 1 teacher and 1 teacher assistant

  • Able to communicate in a noisy environment

  • Must adhere to required dress code

  • Ability to work independently and as a team member

  • Ability to follow directions

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