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What is the Distance Learning Program?

The Distance Learning Program offers students and educators opportunities to connect and interact in both synchronous and asynchronous settings. The opportunities include:

  • Students can earn credit by having access to courses that may not be available in their home district, or maintain their credit progress during home-bound instruction through virtual tutoring, review, or training programs.

  • Educators can collaborate on multi-site course offerings and other programming. Sharing courses can bolster attendance in low-enrollment sections.

  • School leadership can provide for virtual meetings and professional learning opportunities using these services.

  • In addition, everyone can benefit from the large number of interactive videoconferencing (IVC) connections and regional collaborations available through the NYS Distance Learning Consortium.

What We Do

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Sten Anderson
Instructional Specialist
607-257-1551, ext. 7207

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Allie Glassman
Instructional Specialist
ext. 7203

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Benjamin Kirk
Instructional Specialist
ext. 7206

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Angela Levy
Instructional Specialist