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Course Overview

The Career Exploration Program provides students with the opportunity to explore realistic career options available in our community. Generally, students who enter this program are nearing completion of their high school careers and this is typically the capstone course leading to entry-level work. Students have the opportunity to participate in four experiences during the school year. These work experiences are based on specific interests and abilities of the students. Transportation is provided to and from the work site, and students are closely supervised by the teaching staff. Students work directly with a job-site mentor (an employee), learning general and technical job skills in the field. They receive a written work evaluation at the end of the rotating internship. During the theory part of the class, individual progress is closely monitored and instruction is given in job-related areas.

Program Objectives

  • Increase Student’s Repertoire of Specific Job Skills

  • Improve Generic Job Skills

  • Expose Students to Positive Worker Role Models

  • Expand Knowledge of Career Options

  • Involve Students in Realistic Work Environments

  • Develop a Portfolio of Internship Pictures and evaluations for Interviewing with Potential Employers

  • Provide Students with Required Work Hours and Study for Attainment of CDOS Credential

Career Exploration student at internship

Career Exploration student on internship


  • Students May Be Offered Competitive Jobs as a Result of Internships

  • Provide Opportunities to Explore Realistic Career Options

  • Create an Internship Portfolio

  • Opportunities for Wide Range of Internships Based on a Student’s Interest, Aptitude and Ability

Future Options

  • Entry-level Work

  • Post-secondary Education

  • Continued Education with a Career & Tech Class

Topics of Study

  • Problem Solving

  • Appearance and Work Habits

  • Showing Initiative and Cooperation

  • Goal Setting

  • Time Management

  • Job-seeking Skills/ Career Exploration

  • Portfolio Development

Career Exploration student on internship

Career Exploration student on internship

Program Considerations

  • Be in a class with up to 15 students with 1 teacher, 1 teacher assistant and 2 teacher aides

  • Ability to follow directions

  • Ability to work independently and as a team member in employment setting

  • Follow dress codes and safety rules

  • Maintain good personal hygiene and sanitation

  • Follow multi-step tasks

  • Communicate verbally and in writing

  • Serve patrons courteously

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