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Branches 8:1:1

This program is designed for students with multiple disabilities, which includes a focus on behavior management strategies. Each student is given individual attention to address his or her particular abilities and needs. Individual academic programming and curriculum are based on the New York State Alternate Assessment Essential Elements and revolve around reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. Independent living skills and prevocational work skills are also a focus. Related services are available depending on students’ Individualized Education Program or IEP.

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Bridges 12:1:1

This program serves students at the middle and high school level, who have an intellectual disability and/or developmental disability. The focus of the program is on functional academics, life skills, social skills, vocational skills and community integration. The academic curriculum reflects the NYS Alternate Assessment Essential Elements, which are taught at the student’s functional level. Core academic areas include reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science. Students in this program earn the Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential (SACC).

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Career Skills at Cornell

The Cornell Career Skills is a 1/2 day career exploration program in partnership with Cornell University designed to teach vocational-related skills to students who have an IEP. In collaboration with the Cornell Career Skills Club, the program provides students with an exploration of a variety of realistic career options on the Cornell campus. Cornell student mentors partner with TST BOCES students and staff to help facilitate this process.

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Foundations 8:1:3

Foundations is designed for upper elementary / middle school students who have the classification of Autism Spectrum Disorder. The curriculum focuses on the NYS Alternate Assessment Essential Elements but also addresses individual student needs. The team provides support for Assistive Technology devices for the purposes of communication and behavior management. Related services such as speech therapy and occupational therapy are available per the recommendation of students’ Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

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Springboard 12:1:1

The Springboard program offers students access to Regents credit bearing classes and the general education curriculum. Students generally exit the program with either a CDOS Commencement Credential or GED. The academic curriculum is coordinated with the Common Core Learning Standards. Core academic areas include reading and writing, mathematics, social studies and science.
This academic program also provides students with instruction that prepares them for transition to independent adult living. Students enrolled in the high school Springboard program also participate in either a Career and Technical Education program or other vocational experiences for a portion of their school day.

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Steps 12:1:4

Steps is a self-contained program designed for students with multiple disabilities and significant support needs. Often, students in this program require specialized nursing, vision therapy, or other related services. This program provides intensive adult/student interactions for our pupils. The instructional focus of Steps is on the NYS Alternate Assessment Essential Elements & developing the skill level of each student to ensure success later in life. Emphasis is placed on the development of independence, appropriate behavior, enhanced communicative competence, pre-vocational skills, as well as community and social awareness. Students in this program earn the Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential.

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Supervised Work Experience (SWE)

The focus of the 1/2 day Supervised Work Experience Program is vocational in nature and designed for students to develop self-esteem and to recognize that work is an important contribution to our community. The vocational program works to meet the needs of students with varied levels of abilities and interests. Most students, age 15 or older, are placed in individualized work programs specific to their needs and abilities. These supervised work experiences occur on the TST BOCES campus and include: Hands-On Restaurant Operations, Laundry Service, Food Service, Dish-Washing, Delivery, Mail Service, Greenhouse Cultivation, Mass Production, Recycling, among others.

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Turning Point 8:1:1

This program is designed for students whose emotional and behavioral needs require a therapeutic setting as well as close supervision. Classrooms deliver academic instruction, combined with a management system that offers highly intensive interventions. Student behaviors may be aggressive, self-abusive or extremely withdrawn. Therapeutic services include school counseling as well as Day Treatment services and are provided by Racker staff.

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