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What is RAS?

The Regional Alternative School is a welcoming and inclusive community where students can make a fresh start in a smaller school setting. We support the academic and personal growth of young people with the hope that they become willing and able contributors to their communities.

The Regional Alternative School focuses on building relationships to help support academic success. With smaller class sizes and home base groups, students are able to develop close relationships with their classmates and teachers. This atmosphere promotes learning and guides students to achieve their goals.

RAS is right for you if you:

  • Commit to attend your classes regularly and complete work at a satisfactory level

  • Want to be recognized for the person you are and the accomplishments you make

  • Find comfort in a smaller, more intimate school setting 

  • Desire strong connections with school staff

  • Contribute to a positive school climate and culture

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The RAS Reporter is the main project of the high school Journalism class. Each month, students are asked to develop content based on their interests and knowledge of RAS events. Students publish the newsletter using Google Sheets, and the hard copy is printed at the TST BOCES print shop. Every 5 weeks, RAS families receive a copy in the mail along with student report cards. In addition, it is sent electronically to the entire TST BOCES campus and the Board of Education.

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