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Certification Effective Date and ability to be employed and/or considered to be certified – this memo from NYSED clarifies certificate effective dates and the fact that one can be employed as soon as the certificate(s) show as issued with an effective date.

Those seeking information on Teaching Assistant Certification there are  links at the bottom of the page that will be of help. In addition, this Teaching Assistant application will describe where to locate information or links to get many or the requirements taken care of. Additional information about Teaching Assistant requirements can be found here. A link specific to the required ATAS exam with preparation resources is available here.

If you are a “Career Changer” wishing to pursue teaching, click on this link for a list of approved Transitional Education programs in NYS leading to certification.

Those applicants who live, work or attend school within the TST BOCES Service area and who select TST BOCES as their reviewer/evaluator for coaching or Teaching Assistant certificates should send all required documentation to:

Mary Kay LaLonde
TST BOCES Certification Office
555 Warren Rd. Ithaca, NY 14850

Driver and Traffic Safety Education teacher preparation is not handled by the Office of Teaching Initiatives Teacher Certification Office. Click here for more information related to this area of certification.

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