Testing Information


To view information regarding NYS Teacher Certification Examinations, click here. Do not confuse the registration process (creating an account) with your TEACH account. These are completely different accounts. The username and password are NOT necessarily going to be identical to what you chose for your TEACH account!

Computer-based testing for some NYSTCE exams is now available. For a tutorial of the exam format and what to expect, click here.

Registering for a NYSTCE exam directions can be found here. Be advised that they are specific to registering for the computerized version of the exam. If you can opt to register for the paper and pencil exam (they are less expensive), make the selection for that type of exam when provided with that option. You will not be “using” the entire help document. This document is NOT an endorsement for the computer method of exams – the individual seeking help to register wanted to do the computer method, therefore the only screen shots available were of that method. Take a “tour” of a Pearson Testing Center.

CLEP Exams

The College-Level Examination Program allows one to receive college credit for knowledge you have acquired from a variety of means: prior coursework, special interest, travel, professional development, on-the-job training and more. A helpful FAQ sheet to print is available by clicking here.


Prometric, Inc/DSST exams may also be taken for college credit/towards a requirement that needs to be met for your certification. For more information, click here. If you plan on using the exam towards your certification (and do not need/wish it to be used towards college credit towards your degree) be sure to request the transcript/test score be mailed directly to the office you choose to evaluate for your certification.

Exelsior Exam

Excelsior College also offers Exams for college credit.