CMC Behavior Services Unit

Academic Support Goals

  • Request, obtain and facilitate completion of homework for students.

  • Communicate with school counselors regarding student needs, behavior, etc.

  • Share information with treatment team to assist in identifying, addressing and strategizing solutions.

  • Create an environment of learning in which students feel safe.

  • Understand, appreciate and engage diverse student learning styles.

Back to School

Transition, Re-Entry Meetings, Check-ins Upon discharge from CMC, students most often return to school the very next day. Continuity of a positive schedule is important. It is highly recommended that the District schedule “Re-Entry” meetings to establish and reinforce connections with returning students.

Coping Skills

All students learn about coping skills while on the unit. Reminders of student-identified coping skills may help students grow and apply these skills in everyday experiences.

Length of Stay

Length of stay varies according to the individual. School counselors are kept updated of discharge and scheduling so that a student’s return to school can be anticipated; However, sometimes discharge occurs over the weekend when the instructor is unavailable. While students are often busy with goal work and testing related to treatment, it is vital to a student’s transition back to school to feel prepared. Knowing they have completed certain assignments helps to build student confidence.

Student Survey

The first assignment is for all students to complete a Student Interest Inventory. Finding out where a student’s interests lie helps to identify appropriate and intrinsically motivational activities and goals.

Student-Centered Class Environment

Classroom size is 6 students maximum at any given time. The classroom atmosphere allows for connections to be made between staff, students and peers, and student choice is a key element in fostering a student-centered environment.

Suggestions for the District

Fax homework to 274-4130 or email to

District should request homework from teachers as soon as informed of the hospitalization as duration of stay is short.

District should request only 2-4 days’ of homework from teachers to start. If a student is behind on class/homework, this is a great opportunity to make-up some of that work. Provide homework from multiple subjects to allow for student choice. Often, pictures and maps do not fax well,
please email. Teacher Note Pages for assignments (especially Math) are always appreciated. Education is provided daily to the students.

Although students have a lot of important personal work to address while on the unit, homework provides the students with a sense of normalcy, and assists our program greatly. Thank you.