Arts Day

TST BOCES and OCM BOCES recently collaborated to offer a day for educators to engage in meaningful collaboration surrounding the professional practice as teachers of the Arts.

Combined network discussions included: professional learning designed to build awareness and understanding of the NYS Learning Standards, assessment strategies, NSYSED updates and meaningful topics related to the Arts disciplines.

The group took a deeper dive into collaborative work that was led by award-winning author Jonathan Grice with ideas and strategies contained in his book, “The New Art and Science of Teaching Art and Music.”

TST BOCES will be offering future professional learning opportunities for fine arts educators including a regional event on March 17, “Re-connect and Re-energize,” which will include segments specific to fine arts as well as other content areas. The keynote speaker for that event is scheduled to be Natalie McGee, CEO of Progression Partners, Inc., an organization providing consulting services to schools to help them bridge the diversity and racial divide. 

Visit for more information and to sign-up for future opportunities.