Students of the month smile to get their picture taken



The Career & Tech Center staff and administration at TST BOCES is proud to announce December’s Students of the Month! 

Congratulations! These outstanding Students of the Month are chosen based on qualities such as: character, leadership, work ethic and attendance. These students are compassionate, responsible, and positive role models!

AM Students Of The Month:

Zach Holcomb, Auto Tech, AM, Trumansburg
Kory Hilker, CEP, AM, Groton
Aidan Buck, Computer Technology, AM, Lansing
Emmalyn Ingalls, Cosmetology, AM, Dryden
Danyelle Tripp-Lumley, Criminal Justice, AM, Dryden
Kyra O'Toole, Culinary, AM, Ithaca
Morgan Ferriss, Digital Media, AM, LACS
Chris West, Exercise Science, AM, Dryden
Damen Fenton, Food Service, AM, Trumansburg
Tristen Price, Heavy Equipment, AM, Dryden
Miranda Langendoerfer, Nursing, AM, Candor
Hunter Webster, Outdoor Rec, AM, Groton
Tanner Lansing, Welding, AM, Trumansburg

PM Students Of The Month:

Bunthet Seam, Auto Tech, PM, Trumansburg
Zach Spada, CEP, PM, Candor
Lonell Littlejohn, Computer Technology, PM, Ithaca
Jaden Wade, Cosmetology, PM, Lansing
Cobey Little, Criminal Justice, PM, Ithaca
Mason Goodband, Culinary, PM, South Seneca
August Doria, Digital Media, PM, Newfield
Ehmoo Soe, Exercise Science, PM, Dryden
Brayden Tuttle, Food Service, PM
Nicholas Bieber, Heavy Equipment, PM, South Seneca
Ashlyn Traphagen, Nursing, PM, RAS / Groton
Noah Burlew, Outdoor Rec, PM, South Seneca
Hanssen Hassett, Welding, PM, Dryden