Three Career and Tech students competing at SkillsUSA Competition

This Friday, February 10th, thirty eight Career and Tech (CTE) students will be competing in the Area 2 SkillsUSA Competition located at SUNY Morrisville. SkillsUSA is a nationwide academic association that supports the further development of students whose focus is on careers in skilled trades. Excitement is filling the air at TST BOCES as students are working hard and coming up with their game plans. CTE teachers, classmates, administrators, counselors and support staff are cheering them on every step of the way.

In April of 2022, Digital Media Alumni, Alex Blakely and Nora Hernandez made TST BOCES history as they earned 1st place at the NYS SkillsUSA Competition. Then in June the pair headed to the national competition in Atlanta, Georgia competing in cinema production. Career and Tech plans to go for gold again this year as they have spent weeks preparing, training, and perfecting their skills. 

For many students, it is their first time competing and that can bring on a range of emotions. Christopher Welch, a CTE Auto Technology and Dryden High School junior, lets us know how he is feeling, “I am a bit nervous, I am excited and feeling a bit of everything. My competition is Auto Vehicle Maintenance Basics. To get ready for competition, I have a sheet of paper that says the skills I need to work on like tire changes, fluid, checking, identifying different car parts and stuff like that. I am looking forward to the whole experience and having fun!” Another Dryden High School student, Laci Prignon, says she is ready to compete. “I am really excited about the competition coming up!  My Heavy Equipment teacher Mr. Kinney encouraged me to sign up. I wanted to be a part of SkillsUSA because I am a competitive person and like to win.” Laci will be participating in the Power Equipment Technology competition where she will be working with small engines.

One of the most significant parts of participating in SkillsUSA and being in trade school is developing real world skills. Anjolie Kwakye Minott, a CTE Cosmetology and Ithaca High School student, explains how she gets ready for the big day. “I am participating in the Job Interviewing category. Right now, I am getting all of the materials that I need. So getting my portfolio ready and resume cleaned up. I am also working on how to fill out a job application in 30 minutes or less, being able to answer interview questions clearly and sound confident.” Not only is the senior paying attention to detail, she has also found a way to apply the skills she has learned into her everyday life, “Learning these skills have already helped me with writing my college applications since I did need a resume to apply. I feel like when I do go apply for jobs in the future I will be ready to interview because I have already competed in it!” 

All of TST BOCES is rooting for our CTE students and wishing them the best of luck. If qualified, they will head to states. The next competition will be taking place at the Fairgrounds in Syracuse, NY from April 26-28. Want to get updates on all of the action? Follow us on Facebook at TSTBOCES.CareerandTech or Instagram at TST_CareerTech  to stay connected. 

Students participating in competition by class:

Auto Body - Sawyer Updike - South Seneca HS

Auto Body - Nathan Neiss - Trumansburg HS

Auto Technology - Chris Welch - Dryden HS

Auto Technology - Caiden Rider - Ithaca HS

Computer Technology - Bryce Jauquet - LACS

Computer Technology - Andrew Tomak - Lansing HS

Cosmetology - Emmalyn Ingalls - Dryden HS

Cosmetology - Anjolie Kwakye Minott - Ithaca HS

Cosmetology - Emma Heasley - Lansing HS

Cosmetology - Luciana Ray - Candor HS

Criminal Justice - Ilana Lehmann - LACS

Criminal Justice - Danyelle Tripp-Lumley - Dryden HS

Criminal Justice - Chase Tibbals - Ithaca HS

Criminal Justice - Antonio Arambulo - Ithaca HS

Criminal Justice - Faith Bradford - RAS/Ithaca

Criminal Justice - Angelous Santmyer - Trumansburg HS

Culinary Arts - Morgan Winter - Trumansburg HS

Culinary Arts - Kyra O'Toole - Ithaca HS

Culinary Arts - Tabitha Gray - Newfield HS

Digital Media - Riley Ferriss - LACS

Digital Media - Morgan Ferriss - LACS

Digital Media - Cole Rudert - LACS

Digital Media - Nathan Halverson - Lansing HS

Digital Media - Liane Jackson - Newfield HS

Digital Media - Gray Larson - Lansing HS

Early Childhood - Taylor Hemenway - Trumansburg HS

Early Childhood - Le'Sean Lewis - Ithaca HS

Heavy Equipment - Blake Dean - South Seneca HS

Heavy Equipment - Austin Hunt - Groton HS

Heavy Equipment - Tristen Price - Dryden HS

Heavy Equipment - Ryan Ayres - Dryden HS

Heavy Equipment - Laci Prignon - Dryden HS

Heavy Equipment - Caleb Morris - Trumansburg HS

Heavy Equipment - Austin Bailey - Ithaca HS

Welding - Deegan Reed - Trumansburg HS

Welding - Tanner Lansing - Trumansburg HS

Welding - Zach Voorheis - Trumansburg HS

Welding - Gaige Goodsell - Groton HS